A Little bit About Me...

Growing up, I was very fortunate to share my life with animals. My fondest memories are of my beloved horse named Caper. I purchased him when I was in 10th grade, and our memories stretch over the 22 years we shared together.

I also spent many years volunteering at the Wildlife Rescue Association helping rehabilitate injured and orphaned wild birds and animals. From opossums and squirrels to owls and eagles, I learned compassion for all living creatures, but birds really fascinated me. For over 25 years I bred all different species of birds, loving them, learning about them, and even becoming quite expert at building my own aviaries.

Each year I would visit the local preschool and elementary school and educate the children all about birds, eggs and their tiny babies. The children were fascinated with my presentation and looked forward to me coming to their classrooms each spring. I loved to watch all the smiles on the children’s faces.

Then, while attending Graphic Design School, I worked in a Veterinary Hospital. That's where I saw my first Abyssinian. Truly enchanted by their personality and beauty, I knew I just had to have one - but one just wasn't enough! Abyssinians are addicting!

Feel free to read more about each of our beautiful Abyssinian's personalities on the males and females pages of our website. Also be sure to veiw our wonderful photo album pages, i'm sure you'll enjoy all the photos. ENJOY!

Best Regards,



My Family...

I feel very blessed to share my life with my wonderful husband, Guy, and our two beautiful children, Brandon and Stephanie...

And of course, all our adoring Abyssinians.



Brandon and Stephanie in their tree house

Stephanie and Amara

Our Home...

The Garden...

Ty-Ty's Outside Cat Enclosure...

Well, I built this Gazebo all by myself.... and that's the truth! My husband likes to tell people all about it.

I've been quite well known for being handy with tools and building things. Someone even asked me to produce my very own TV show... but I wasn't too keen on the idea. You name it, I’ve done it. Everything from building, roofing, dry walling, laying ceramic tile, laminate and linoleum to electrical and plumbing.... I even went out and bought my very own blowtorch to change some copper pipes in our home. I’ve always really enjoyed learning how to do new things…

One afternoon while visiting the local hardware store I found the gazebo plans and decided to try and build it myself. Each night I would study and learn only what I would be able to accomplish the next day. It was a HUGE project and I was a little nervous, to say the least… yet, two months later, to my own amazement, I was proud to say it was completed.

For many years the gazebo was a wonderful home for all my birds until I decided to transform it into a stud suite for Tyrol and any of his visiting girls while breeding. The Ty tower was a blast to make! I added carpeted runs up the walls, a carpeted sono lube to climb through, lots of levels to jump on and many fluffy cozy beds and houses for the cats to curl up in. This six sided 12-foot high gazebo is fully heated and is divided right down the center in 2 main sections, 1/2 indoor and 1/2 outdoors. When you first walk in there is a small section where I store the food and supplies. Once I have walked in and closed the door behind me, I can then either open the wire door to the inside or turn and open the solid door to go to the outside area of the gazebo. There is a small sliding door just the right size for the cats to go inside or outside as they please. The outside area has a 3-foot high solid side so our Abyssinians cannot come in contact with any outside cats. Tyrol is very proud of his cat castle… and welcomes the visiting girls into his home.

We are proud to say… we spoil them all rotten!!

That just about sums it up... an Aviary that turned into a Cat Castle. :o)

UPDATE - The above cattery is now used for our girls to enjoy some fresh air throughout the day. They love to hang out, lay in the sun and watch all the squirels and birds that spend time in our yard.

I built another cattery beside several years ago that houses our two boys, Jafari and Fergus. Tyrol (TyTy) has since been retired. This cattery (on the right) is also fully heated with carpeted runs up the walls and different levels to hang out on. It is complete with a radio, lots of big fluffy beds for them to curl up in and several windows to look out from. It is made in two sections... an "inside" and an "outside." The two sections allows Jafari and Fegus to go inside or outside through a small sliding door as they please. They are SPOILED ROTTEN and live like kings!!!! Each day they enjoy getting brushed and loved as they await their special treats..

When breeding and keeping full males... most breeders find it very difficult to keep them in the house because they smell very strong and are known to spray marking things. With wanting nothing but the very best... I decided to build them their very own "Dream Home!" They are SO HAPPY and SPOILED!!!!




Abayomi Abyssinians - Little Lions of Love


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