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"Making Aby Dreams Come True... One Family at a Time!"

Located just minutes from Vancouver, in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada. Abayomi is a TICA and CFA registered cattery that offers shipping throughout Canada and the United States.

We dedicate our lives breeding Abyssinians and are honored to share our home with such amazing animals! As responsible breeders, we take pride in the quality of our cats and kittens and the quality of the homes into which they are placed. All our cats are extremely loved and raised as part of our family. They are fed premium quality food to ensure a long and healthy lifestyle. Abayomi is proud in being a “closed cattery”, meaning we do not offer stud service. All our cats stay within our home, thus by not offering stud service we make sure our cats stay healthy and free from contagious diseases. Our kittens are both CFA and TICA registered and come with a written health and genetic guarantee. Abayomi encourages new owners to keep in touch, and share their Abyssinian Adventure!

We welcome any inquiries and will e-mail photos of kittens as they are available.

If you are intrigued by the Abyssinian breed, we’d be happy to hear from you!

About Our Cattery Name…

The meaning of Abayomi in Egyptian is, “He Who Brings Joy,” and in African is, “Brings Happiness.” We wanted our cattery name to reflect our true passion for these captivating cats. Since Abyssinians are believed to originate from Ancient Egypt, and they truly bring joy into our lives, we felt Abayomi Abyssinians was the perfect name!

About Abyssinians…

The Abyssinian is one of the oldest known breeds of cats and are believed to originate from Ancient Egypt, with scribes found in the Tombs of Kings.

This medium sized, short haired cat has a slender muscular body and is distinguished by its ticked coat, which resemble the African wild cats. The Abyssinian is a highly intelligent, active cat and can easily learn to fetch and love to play interactive games. These exquisite cats have extremely alluring personalities, they are very outgoing and social, and thrive on human companionship.

This breed loves to be loved and is very intimate, affectionate and sensitive to people’s moods. Wanting to be in your presence, they will follow you around the house just to see what you are doing and greet you at the door whenever you come home. The Abyssinians curious personalities make them well loved by children of all ages. They also love water, so watch that bathtub… SPLASH!

Abyssinians have been called exotic “Lions of Love”, elegant cats with gracious carriage. Their striking colour and charismatic personalities make gentle loving companions and will bring laughter and entertainment into any home.

They enrich the lives of all… owning one is truly an Abyssinian Adventure!


Abayomi Abyssinians - Little Lions of Love


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