"Making Aby Dreams Come True... One Family at a time!"


Our Abayomi "Extended Families"

share photos of their Aby kids...

in their New Homes!

We want to thank all of our families for sending us such wonderful photos!

Where did all these puppies come from? (Zoie)

I EAT puppies! (Zoie)

"Doesn't he know you're not supposed to wear hats in the house?!"

"But MOM... HE'S OVER the line!"... Keito shares a bed with his new "room-mate."

Mochi and Kayli... True Friends

"If I could only get to that shelf... I could get that canary to stop singing!!" (Max)

The holidays are absolutely exhausting!

"PLEASE pet me... you've been on the computer for hours." (Bella)

" MOM, MOM LOOK... there's a fly, it's getting away... I gotta get it!"

"Do you think if I timed it right, I 'd be able to reach the delete button on that keyboard?" (Zoie)

"Maybe later.....Mom better not buy that flat screen she was talking about!!" (Zoie)

"YOU come into MY house, eat all MY food, leave your fur on MY bed...!" "MOM, Mickey's..."

"Come and get it... " (Rusty and Mickey)

Carter and Emma... All in a hard days work....

Resting and relaxing....

...catching ZZZZZZZZZZZZ's! (Carter)

"Maybe if I sit pretty... Dad won't notice that I ate the mouse?" ........."CARTER!"

"Rusty"... a little bit Sultry

"Rusty!... I already told you... I'm NOT telling ya!"..."Oh PLEASE Mickey, I promisie I won't tell."

"Hey Twiggy... Do you really think Mom didn't see you eating her corn pops this morning?"

"Hmmmm, all I have to do is give Mom lots of head butts and she'll feed me treats" (Titus)

"Carful Indie... DON'T YOU DROP THAT!?... Cherries STAIN!" (Indie)

"Oh Pretty Please... Can I help decorate too??" (Eanie)

""Oh Look, it's just about time to wake up Dad, he's been sleeping long enough." (Minka)"

"a tuckered out, Happy Cat!" (Jasmine)

"Exhausted from playtime!"

Fawn coloured kitten

Feline Hide and Seek....7, 8, 9, 10...ready or not, here I come."

Life on a Boat, "Rudder" loves chasing all the ropes.



I hope you ENJOYED all our kitten owners photos... Thank you for taking the time to look through them!

Abayomi Abyssinians Cattery

"Making Aby Dreams Come True... One Family at a time!"