Our Abayomi Kitten Availability

Our Abyssinian kittens are adorable babies with outstanding purr-sonalities. If you are looking for a little "Lion of Love" to join your family, please feel free to e-mail me at abayomi@shaw.ca I'd be happy to answer any of your questions.

A little about us...We dedicate our lives breeding Abyssinians and are honored to share our home with such amazing animals!

As responsible breeders, we feel health and personality of all our cats and kittens are most important. We truly understand the love and devotion our families dedicate to their new companions and would never place any kitten into a home knowingly with any genetic or health issues. Honesty is best policy! We are always there to answer any questions our kittens owners may have and encourage them to keep in touch as we thoroughly enjoy receiving photos and hearing how everyone is doing. We truly have met some wonderful people and made so many lasting friendships over the years!

Just as we take pride in the health and quality of our cats and kittens, we also do into the homes which they are placed. All our cats are extremely loved and raised as part of our family. As we feel nutrition is of utmost importance, all our cats and kittens are fed premium quality food to ensure proper growth and a long and healthy lifestyle. All Abayomi cats are chosen from Grand Champion lines and all kittens are registered and come fully vaccinated and with a written health and genetic guarantee. All our cats have been tested for PK Deficiency and are all negative. See results here... Our Abys PK Deficiency Test Results...

Abayomi also offers shipping throughout Canada and the US and can be either shipped out of Vancouver, British Columbia or Bellingham, Washington. Please feel free to e-mail me for shipping quotes.

Tracy :o)

Also, you are welcome to browse through all the photos and read all about our "Aby Kids," on our "Males" and "Females" pages (click on the link to the left). Below are some photos of our most recent kittens . Although we try to keep our website current, it's always best to email me to see what kittens we have available. We may even have another litter that hasn't been added yet. You are welcome to email me anytime to see what's available.


Tracy (breeder) with Amara as a kitten



Available Kittens


(the above photo in not an available kitten, just a silly character shot)

* * * * * * *


~ Feb 2018 - Announcement ~

With a heavy heart, I have to announce that I will no longer be breeding Abyssinians!

Life is precious and I feel it is time to focus on whats most important... family.

I feel so blessed to have shared so many years with this beautiful feline breed and filled the hearts and homes of so many wonderful people, many who have become,"extended fur families" and still keep in touch!

I will be forever grateful and cherish all the memories forever.

For those who have an Abayomi Abyssinian, please feel free to email anytime as i'm always more than happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. I care deeply about each and every kitten I have brought into this world, even after they leave for their new homes. Sending hugs and headbutts to them ALL!


Any inquiries ... abayomi@shaw.ca


As you can understand we care deeply about each and every kitten we bring into this world, and always like to ask a few questions. Finding our kittens the most loving forever home is extremely important to us.

Are you looking to provide a forever home to a new baby?

Where about's do you reside... do you require shipping?

Have you ever had an Aby before?

Are you familiar with or researched the Aby breed?

Are you looking for an indoor only or an indoor/outdoor kitty?

Interested in any particular sex or colour?

Do you have any children or other pets?

Does anyone in your home have an allergy to cats?

What are your thoughts on declawing?

Are you able to provide medical needs in case of an unexpected emergency?

Also please feel free to ask if you think of any questions you would like to ask, as I am more than happy to answer them. Enjoy your day!

Any inquiries ... abayomi@shaw.ca


We keep all our kittens till they are 12 to 14 weeks old once they are fully weaned, vaccinated and wormed. We feel it is best to stay with their mom as long as possible.


You are welcome to check out our cats and kittens on our YouTube channel (link below).

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Meet our Fur Family live... Watch some of our HILARIOUS Aby Videos!!


I like to take photos every two weeks from newborn, sending them to their new owners so they can watch them grow (see many of my photos below).

It is also comforting for the new families to see their new baby is healthy all the way through their most important first few months of life. Many families start a memorable photo album as they await their new baby's arrival. So much fun to look back on!

A very proud mom "Ashante" with her newborn kitten

Not very many people can say they have newborn photos of their baby! I like to make it extra special!

We always love to hear a little bit about yourself/family... both two and four legged kids! Please feel free to share.

As we care deeply about our babies we are always looking for the most loving forever homes for our precious kittens.

We welcome any inquires and are happy to answer any questions you have about us or our fur babies.

Feel free to email Tracy at abayomi@shaw.ca


Many of our "Extended Kitty Families" have sent us wonderful references and photos...




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You Tube Channel

Meet our Fur Family live... Watch some of our HILARIOUS Aby Videos!!


- Retiring Young Adults -

Please feel free to ask if you are are considering adopting a fairly young adult Aby, as we occasionally pet out our Breeder Males and Females and want them to go to wonderful "forever" homes where they can continue being spoiled with love and devotion!


Some recent kitten photos

~ Not Available (sold)~


Could Hubert be any cuter?

Hubert playing with a furry mouse...

Another Cute photo of Hubert!!

Akia sneaking up on the mouse...

Akia's playtime...

Akia with some bell toys


Recently ADOPTED

Recently ADOPTED

Recently ADOPTED


"Ajani Tut"

(Ah-jan NEE)...meaning "he who wins struggles" it's of African origin.

A Heartwarming Story... of a very, very brave kitten who lost his leg after a most tragic accident...

Click below to read his own webpage

He's truly an Inspiration to us all!!!

Only 3 LEGS... but a HEART of GOLD!!


to read Ajani Tut's HEARTWARMING STORY.


Here are some photos I have taken over the years of some of our Aby kittens... see many more on our "photo album" pages (click on the link to the left). There are even a series of photos showing the actual birth of an Abayomi kitten!


"Can I haz a Tummy Wub?"

Feather Fun...



What a face!

Crashed ~ All Tuckered Out!

"Did I hear someone say ... CATNIP TREATS?"

"I GOT IT!!... Now what do you want me to do with it?"

"Hello... Purrrrr....Purrrr...Purrrr"

~ Tattle Tailer ~

"Lilly, you better come back here.. I'm telling mom!!"

On a Mission...

Someone needs some lessons in SHARING!!

~ Beautiful Kitten ~

Curious... Exploring new things!

"Cats are smarter than dogs...

You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow."

It's a Wainy Day...

~ Curious Fur Baby !


Newborn kitten... Precious Moments!


Beautiful Christmas Kitten...

Best Buds... FOREVER!


"I Wuv Stwings... num, num, num!"

Cheeky Kitten

"Hmmmm... What ya think Kyro, a budgie for lunch?!"


"GOTCHA... not another move!!"

Team Effort ~ "Everybody Huddle...!"

"PWEETY PWEASE... Can't I stay up just a widdle wonger?"

PROUD MOM ~ The miracle of life... Just delivered!

"Youz talk'in about... ME?"

~ Don't come ANY CLOSER ~


"....Where did everybody go?"

Aby Antics...


Miscalculation.... "A wittle help here pwease?


"Rain, Rain go away... come again another day..."

~ Precious Newborns ~

See actual photos of "The BIRTH of an Abayomi Kitten " under our photo album page to the left.

The Aby Motto

~ Always WANTING to help ~

~ The LOOK OUT ~

"Do ya think they'll find us in here?"... "NOPE, I think we're safe!"

"Would ya just take the picture.. my neck is gett'in STIFF!"

Exploring new things...

~ Laughing Cat ~

"When is it unlucky to have a black cat cross your path?

...When you're a mouse!"

~ Abyssinian Adventures! ~

Kitty Kisses ~ "I Wuv You!"

"Would ya STOP wimp'in out... it's only a hamster!"

Tuckered out kitty...


"Which way did he go?"

Num.. Num.. Num.. Num... (kitty soother)

ABY ATTITUDE! ~ There's ALWAYS one in the bunch..

"Nana Nana Na Na... !"

"OH NO, here comes Mom... I fink i'm in BIG twubble


Reach out and touch someone...

Eaves Dropping...

Baby Steps... just one foot in front of the other!

"Can I have a Piwow PWEASE?"

~ Concentrating Kitten ~

First Steps... it's all about BALANCE!

"Where does a cat hang it's wash?

...On a feline"

The Chase is on...

...Mission Accomplished!

Bead Fun...

"Precious Newborn Aby Kitten!"

Pretty Kitty

Peek-a Boo!

"....16, 17, 18, 19, 20... Ready or Not Here I Come!"

Feather Fun


Another Newborn just dried off after birth!

Take'in a Break

Doggy Pile

"Let's Play Catch..."

"Hmmmm... wonder what's for dinner... Suzie's gerbil?"

Have'in FUN


"...is it DEAD?"

Hiding.... "It really wasn't ME!!"

FASHION ~ Kitty Hair Streaks

"I'm going to get it THIS TIME!!

"I just can't seem to get these feet to work!"

~ Little Lion of Love! ~

"Pretty, Pretty PLEASE with Temptations on top?"

~ Mother's Love ~

Nialah hugs her newborn kitten

Feeding Frenzy!

Christmas Kitten 2010!!


I hope you ENJOYED all our photos!

Visit again to see any further updates...




Abayomi Abyssinians - Little Lions of Love


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