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All our Aby's have been tested for Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK deficiency) which is an inherited hemolytic anemia that sometimes occurs in Abyssinians, Somalis and some domestic shorthair cats. Click here to see... Our Abys PK Deficiency Test Results. We are happy to say all of our cats have tested negative/normal. If you do not see one of our cats on this results sheet, then the cat was an offspring of two of our negative/normal cats which would therefore also be negative/normal.

This means none of our kittens will inhert PK deficiency if all parents are negative.


Highgaitpaws Majestic Shombay (Jafari)
(Abyssinian Colour - Ruddy)

~ Jafari's Personality ~

"Jafari" (meaning "dignified" and "Shombay" meaning "he who walks like a lion") is a one of a kind LOVE BUG!! I really don't think we have ever not heard him purring!! All anyone has to do is make eye contact with him. His very outgoing and EXTREMELY affectionate personality wins the hearts of everyone... just the way he likes it! Jafari lives for people and TOYS! The more toys the better. Feathers and sparkle balls are amongst his very favourite. He is such a class clown and is so comical to watch as he tosses his toys so high in the air, then does flips to get them back. Jafari's name means "Dignified"... in Egypiain. Thank you Dave and Mindy from Highgait Abyssinians for such a affectionate handsome boy!! We adore everything about him!!

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Zinfelmax Highwire Hold On Tight (Kiros)
(Abyssinian Colour - Ruddy)

Kiros at 9 months

Kiros at 7 months

~ Kiros' Personality ~

"Kiros" (meaning "the King" in African) is such a character!! He is OBSESSED with FOOD (since you can see he's a little tubby for an Aby!) and also WATER as you will see below!! He plays and plays in it as we leave the tap dripping in the bathtub so the cats can have fresh water. They actually don't let us turn it off. You always know when Kiros is playing cause you walk around the house stepping in PUDDLES as he drips dry!! He sprays it everywhere and gets completely soaked! When he has had enough he flies out of the tub and skids around corners cause his feet are all wet! Then he proceeds to find the closest victim to give a SOAKING WET HEADBUTT!! Gotta LOVE those!! He is so comical and is always rubbing around your legs... to the point he tries tripping you to stop and give him loves! He so enjoys going for walks on his harness and leash... amazingly he took to it the very first day we tried it on! Couldn't believe it!! His partner in crime is Monet and they seek out trouble! We love Kiros dearly!! Our deepest thanks Mary, for allowing to have such a handsome boy!!

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Zinfelmax Finn-Again (Finn - Finnley)
(Abyssinian Colour - Fawn)

~ Finn's Personality ~




Sir Jazzaran Jumoke (Jumoke)
(Altered Pet, not for breeding - Colour - Ruddy)

~ Jumoke's Personality ~

"Ju Ju" or "Jumo" for short, this handsome boy is nick-named "the King." He really thinks he is. When he wants attention, look out, he won't give up until he gets it. All you have to do is snap your fingers and he'll come a-running. He's definitely a lap cat. He lives to knead on your tummy, head butt and drool. His favorite game is fetch the mouse. As long as the mouse rattles he'll keep bringing it back for more. Jumo is another one of our cats that will let you know if the bathrum tap is not dripping. He has been spoiled with FRESH water! He is our only VERY vocal cat who "meows" to get what he wants most... LOVE and ATTENTION! So you can't ignore him! He has two silly traits... licking human hair and BAGS!! Jumoke's name means"Loved By All"... in Egyptain...and he sure is!

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Abayomi's "RETIRED" cats ...

they will forever hold a special place within our hearts!

Ruddicat Head Over Heels (Taiko)
(Abyssinian Colour - Blue)

RETIRED - Looking for Forever Home

Taiko at 5 months

~ Taiko's Personality ~

"Taiko" meaning Boss in African... is most welcomed into our family!! He is a absolute DOLL and has the loudest purr which he NEVER TURNS OFF... must have EVEREADY BATTERIES!!! He has the most adorable chirp and trill to his meow and always chirps to his toys and even at the trickling water we leave running in the bathtub! Taiko also loves giving headbutts and has become our daughters shadow, they are inseparable! He lives to go outside on his harness for his daily walks and loves chasing the bugs on the pavement. He is very outgoing and always happy as he greets everyone with excitement. He brightens our everyday and we couldn't be more happy with him!! Thank you Teresa from Ruddicat Abyssinians for such an amazing gorgeous boy!! We love him dearly!


Taiko at 6 months

Taiko at 8 months

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Forever Fergus (Fergus)
(Abyssinian Colour - Red/Sorrel/Cinnamon)

~ Fergus's Personality ~

"Fergy" is just a doll! He starts purring as soon as anyone sets eyes on him, it's truly non stop! He's got a heart of gold and ADORES everyone including all his feline friends. Fergy has a very playful, easy going and fun loving personality. His favorite thing to do is play with his revolving mouse toy (it can be seen by clicking on the more photos of Fergus above). One day he can only hope to catch it... Big Smile! Fergus is always on the prowl for new toys. I have become a regular in the cat toy section of every store in town, always on the lookout for new toys. He also just LOVES children and takes every opportunity to smother them with lots of head butts and feline affection. We love him dearly!

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Hillstblue's Solitary Man of Abayomi

(RETIRED from our cattery...Colour - Ruddy)

Tyrol has retired and has gone to a beautiful new home with a wonderful lady named, Karen outside of Winnapeg. Thank you so much Karen for opening your heart and home to our pecious BIG BABY "Tyrol"! I know you are spoiling him ROTTEN!! He was the most amazing and lovable boy we could have ever asked for! You will be forever in our hearts Ty Ty!

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"Ty" is the most loving cat I have ever seen. He lives for love and will literally leap into your arms to show his affection. His charming personality makes everyone who meets him fall in love. His favorite thing to do is purr, head butt and rub all over you. Ty's admiration for both adults and children has earned him the nickname, "the Love Bug." His life's motto is Live to Love and Love to be Loved!



Abayomi Abyssinians - Little Lions of Love


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